Values and Ethos

Our school culture and values are child centred. All children should be considered as individuals. We want all children to feel safe and happy, and through this, students can learn, flourish and achieve long-term economic well-being. We promote strong positive relationships with adults and peers from transition into Stanley High School to the steps beyond Stanley High School.

Our students and staff should:

  • Feel a sense of fulfilment through positive daily interactions in the classroom and beyond
  • Be challenged to grow academically and feel safe to question personal beliefs
  • Feel included through an inclusive and ambitious curriculum
  • Accept and thrive by developing an understanding of the diverse nature of our Globe
  • Be respected and proud of their protected characteristics and the equality of the rich opportunities they can access
  • Seek ambition through careers education and a love of learning
  • Be exposed to opportunities which allow all to Aspire, Challenge and Excel within our Stanley Family
Success for all

Stanley High School strongly supports:

  • A student’s rights to learn
  • A student’s right to feel safe and happy
  • Inclusivity and acceptance
  • Great attendance
  • High expectations
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Success in school and beyond school
  • Strong positive relationships
  • Online safety
  • Love of learning
  • Natural concentration
  • Enjoyment
  • Student leadership
  • Curiosity
  • Collective collaboration

Stanley High School celebrates when students:

  • Excel personally or academically
  • Attend school
  • Show kindness and acceptance
  • Represent the school
  • Meet their goals
  • Show commitment to the school and community

Stanley High School strongly discourages:

  • Any behaviours which impact the safety, happiness or learning of others

When making a decision on a sanction we:

  • Investigate
  • Consider the additional needs of the student
  • Ensure students understand why their behaviour was unacceptable
  • Communicate with families where required
  • Move forward in a restorative way
  • Maintain positive relationships throughout

Stanley High School supports when:

Students have barriers to

  • Learning
  • Attendance
  • Emotional well-being
  • Health
  • Accessing provision

Stanley High School works with Families

  • Two numerical progress and attitude to learning reports per year
  • One written report per year
  • Face – to – face consultation evenings
  • Coffee mornings with SEND support focus
  • SEND review meetings
  • Mental health support
  • Community safety information
  • Online safety support
  • Weekly newsletters with notices and celebration
  • GCSE support evenings
  • Enhanced transition support
  • Transition communications
  • Options support evening
  • Careers support access.