Year 7 Update

Our Year 7 students have made a fantastic start towards their second full term at Stanley High School.  It has been a pleasure to witness the year group grow in confidence and spirit since September.  New friendships have formed and students seem to be feeling at home within our school community.

The first term is always extremely busy, with Year 7s fully immersing themselves in school life.  The school has been very impressed with their positive attitude towards their peers and attentiveness to their studies.  The Year 7 Form Tutors have also been very impressed with how they have settled into life at Stanley High.

It is wonderful to see how many of our students are rising to challenges in lessons, going the extra mile and getting involved in extra-curricular activities and clubs.  This has helped to further their interests and enjoyment of an activity be it Drama, Dance, Pokémon Club, Football, Netball and student well-being.

Students have recently been assessed in a variety of their subjects and this will provide their teachers with a clearer idea of how best to help and support them in the future.  Over the next half term, it is important that we do not let our standards slip.  Please ensure that our students are attending school correctly equipped and wearing their uniform correctly, with pride.

Mr M Robertson