Year 8

Year 8 is a crucial year for all students at Stanley High School as it is the year when students choose their GCSE options. This involves two weeks of assemblies given by teachers of the different option subjects. Students are also given advice and guidance in PSHE lessons and during form time. An options evening gives a further opportunity to meet with subject teachers who will offer more guidance. Option choices are the most important decision that a Year 8 student will make this year. The rest of a student’s school career path will depend upon these choices.

As well as working hard, Year 8 students are expected to act as role models to Year 7 students and to play an active part in school life. Year 8 students are given more responsibility within the school community. For example, students show visitors around school and are the first port of call for Open Evening volunteers. Year 8 students visit our local primary schools to talk to younger students about life as a Stanley student. Year 8 students are also invited to join the School Council where matters that concern students are discussed.

Year 8 is a challenging and exciting year. Students have big decisions to make but there is a lot of guidance available.

It is a privilege to be the head of Year 8 and to work with enthusiastic and committed Stanley students and their guardians.

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