Tom recently represented our school in the county contest of Poetry by Heart at Liverpool’s Bluecoat Theatre.

The aim of Poetry by Heart is to encourage students aged from 14-18 to learn and
recite poems by heart, not in a theatrical manner but in a way that reflects their
understanding and enjoyment of the verse.

Marks are awarded by the judges for voice, accuracy, performance and understanding,
with variety, difficulty and diversity also being taken into consideration in the event of a close tie.

Tom reached the Merseyside county final after winning our in-school
competition which involved all year 10 students.

At the Bluecoat Theatre he was required to recite two poems of his choice, one from
pre-1914 and one post-1914.

Although he did an excellent job, and was highly commended by the judging panel,
he narrowly missed out on a place in the national final which went to an older sixth
form student from another school.

Well done Tom!

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