On Friday 23rd September, sixty-six year 7 students and six staff went to Colomendy Adventure Centre, near Mold in North Wales.

The students were very excited about their weekend away and on arrival, after a brief site tour, they went straight into their first activity. The variety of activities covered over the weekend were designed to challenge and develop their team working skills.

The two most popular activities were the zip-wire and abseiling, although the night-line team building session proved to be a big hit. The night time activities varied from a quiz and dance/sing-along disco to sitting around a camp fire with toasted marshmallows.

The weekend was a huge success. The students made new friends and memories which will stay with them during their time at Stanley High and long after they have moved on.

What did the students think of their weekend away?

  • When I went to Colomendy I had a Blast!… I wish I could go again.
  • I did bouldering it was really fun to do, it was a great weekend.
  • Colomendy was great, I had loads of fun, some of the activities were scary but I did them.
  • I thought the weekend in Colomendy was great because I learned new things and I met new people and made new friends, I just had a great time.
  • My weekend at Colomendy was amazing, the campfire was fun, we told jokes and riddles and sang songs.
  • Colomendy was exciting but scary at the same time.
  • I loved my trip to Colomendy.
  • I would love to go again, Colomendy was EPIC.
  • Colomendy was challenging in lots of different ways, the activities were hard but we got lots of help. I particularly enjoyed the Zip-wire because at first it looked scary, but I did it and it was really fun. The disco on Friday night was good because we all had fun together and it was a chance to talk to other people who were not in our activity group.
  • My weekend at Colomendy was AMAZING! I loved every second we were there. My favourite activities were Zip-wire and Abseiling… both of these activities help me conquer my fear of heights.




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