Student Leadership

We believe that our students are entitled to an active, constructive and appropriate role within the school community. As a result, we are keen to develop a strong Student Voice that empowers them to achieve this.

Student Voice is an established part of the Stanley community. Firstly, our School Council meets regularly throughout the Year. It discusses issues of concern to students and gives direct feedback to the school’s leadership. Members of school council bring their own agenda items created through discussions with their peers. It allows students to comment upon their learning and experiences in order to further develop and improve school. In a further development of this a Junior Leadership Team, comprising a number of students from Year 11, meets regularly with the Head.

In addition, students are regularly consulted as to their ideas and opinions. This may be via questionnaires, surveys or focus groups and can happen on a variety of scales: from whole year groups to individual classes. This information is then be used by staff to inform both planning and decision-making.

Throughout their time at Stanley students are given the opportunity to become more than passive members of the school community. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in a wide variety of leadership roles- sports and language leaders, subject leaders, peer mentors, representatives etc. In addition ‘Praise Weeks’ help to celebrate the softer skills that are an essential part of a young person’s development.