Set for success!

Students in Mrs Lyon’s Technology class have created their own vaccum formed packaging for their Southport Pleasureland keyrings.

During this project they have learned how to develop their keyring design on 2D Design, create packaging on photoshop, use the vaccum former for their exterior blister pack, manufacture their keyring on the laser cutter and shape it on the strip heater!

As we near the end of the first Technology rotation of the year, Miss Dilkes and Miss Green want to say well done to both classes of Year 7 students who have been working incredibly hard in Design Technology.  In this unit, Year 7 has been inspired by architecture to design and make a functional clock out of acrylic and plywood.

Using a combination of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) processes and hand tools, each design is unique and celebrates the unique forms of famous buildings around the world.  Not only does this mark their first 10 weeks in High School, for some of our Year 7s, it was their first time doing DT as a subject.  We have continuously been impressed by their insightful contributions to class discussions and positive attitude to learning in the workshop. We wish them well in their next Technology rotation!