School History

School History

The school badge marks the close association of the school with the district. It was designed by Colonel Fleetwood-Hesketh, DL,TD, of Meols Hall, whose family – together with the Bold family – owned the land in Churchtown and Marshside in years gone by. There has been a school in Churchtown since the 1600’s.

The quarterings of the badge are taken from the coats of arms of the Hesketh and the Bold families. The gryphon symbolizes the Bold family, and the double-headed eagle (the “eagle displayed”) is the crest of the Hesketh family.

It is interesting to note, from an estate map made in 1736 for Peter Bold, that the land on which this school is built was then a quarter of a mile out at sea. Until about 1890 the land was under water at high tides, but this has since been prevented, and the land reclaimed, by the building of the embankment.

The School Name

Stanley is the family name of the Earls of Derby. When Sir Walter Scott was saying, in his poem ‘Marmion’ – “Charge Chester charge! On Stanley on! Were the last words of Marmion.” – he was referring to the Earls of Chester and Derby.

The school was named STANLEY after Edward Stanley, the 18th Earl of Derby, who opened it in 1952.

Information taken from School Open Day Booklet, 1965



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