For National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October, Miss G Navin and the English department ran a poetry competition based on the theme of ‘Messages.’ There were lots of entries and it has taken a while to narrow them down but the winners are finally ready to be announced!

Mr Fitzpatrick had the final say from the five finalists selected by the English department and the prizes have been awarded as follows:

1st – Ava Dacre (9SMC), 2nd – Freya Douglas (7ROJ), 3rd – Matthew Porter (9SMC)

Message to Myself

Hi, I guess
I don’t really know how to start
I mean, how old are you now?
Are you good? Are you bad?
Did you get over or around that problem that you had?
What’s happening now?
How’re you doing today?
Are you still friends with that person?
You know the one
Or did they leave you for the past?
Or that problem that they had?
I know I messed about
Maybe messed with your future
Please tell me you succeeded
Don’t want to be the one to blame.
Don’t think I could deal with the guilt
Of ruining it for you, as well as myself.
So goodbye for now.
Toodleoo I guess,
See you in the future,
I wish you my best.

By Ava Dacre

Message to Myself

I hope you have been happy.
And kept your spirits high.
I know there will be rough days,
I know there will be good days.
Just keep your head up high,
Put your shoulders back
and march on proud.
For I should know in the future
There will be a crowd.
Keep everybody happy.
But don’t forget yourself!
There’ll be a silver lining
In every dark cloud.
Sometime you’ll feel nervous.
Sometimes you’ll feel shy.
But the friends you make
along the way
are enough to make anyone smile!
The things you do
and the things you say
lead to happiness and joy.
You’ll make enemies
and frenemies
but don’t worry
all is well!
You dance and sing and act all day,
for night then comes and takes you away
to the best life ever…

By Freya Douglas

Message to Myself – Rescue Me

Please save me.
Save me from the dark at night,
And the figures round the fire.
Save me from the eyes throughout the forest,
And the eyes I see in the caves.
It doesn’t get any better in the day,
In fact, it may even be worse.
Rescue me from the silence,
And the threat of dehydration.
Rescue me from the dried up fruit and vegetables,
And the inedible corpses of beasts.
Protect me from the mosquitoes,
The bugs and even flies,
Protect me from the crabs that cut and scar my toes,
And the vultures that fill the skies.
Please save me from the island.
When I arrived, I thought I was free.
But now I know I’m trapped.
Heed this message to you,
From me.

By Matthew Porter

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