Personal Development

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (PD) is a subject studied by every student at Stanley High School and comprises of PHSE (Personal, Social & Health Education), Citizenship and Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).


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PSE is divided into three areas; Personal Wellbeing, Financial Capability/Economic Awareness, and Emotional Health & Wellbeing; developing the qualities and attributes students need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society, whilst Citizenship education covers the political, legal and economic functions of adult society, and the social and moral awareness required to thrive in it. CEIAG is a means of developing a young person’s knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills that they need to make well- informed, thought-through choices and plans that enable them to progress smoothly into further learning and work, both now and in the future.

Every student will complete a variety of lessons, which will focus on a vast range of topics; from Finance, Human Rights, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (DAT), to Safe and Healthy Lifestyles, Politics, Crime, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Future Plans and Apprenticeships.


Personal Development (PD) Lessons Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Half Term 1 Living in the Wider World

How can we be aspirational students?


How does self-esteem help us achieve?


What are wants and needs


Prejudice and discrimination – racism


Social media – safe and private


How can we shop ethically?

Prejudice, Values, Extremism & Cults


British Values – tolerance anti-racism


Who are the extreme groups?


Where does extremism come from – leaders


How do extreme leaders attract converts?


Extremism – do all Muslims want sharia law


How can we prevent radicalisation and extremism?


Prejudice and discrimination – religion

Healthy Relationships with others & ourselves


Body image, media and eating disorders


Body image – girls focus


How does child sexual exploitation happen?


Domestic violence and abusive relationships


How can we deal with peer pressure?


British community, religion and culture – display lesson


Immigration the UK and diverse communities


Who are the LGBT community?

Mental Health & Wellbeing


Managing grief and bereavement


Why do people commit suicide?


Managing Social Anxiety


Social Media and Self Esteem


Screen time – how much is too much?

Health & Wellbeing


Why is PSHE so important?


Identity and Diversity


How does privilege affect us?


Obesity and body positivity


NEW Fertility and reproductive health


NEW First Aid CPR

Half Term 2


Living in the Wider World


How can we budget our money?


Creating a personal budgeting plan


Savings, loans and interest rates


What are different financial products for?


What are different financial transactions?

Finance & Career Skills


Finance – income and expenditure


Finance – tax and NI


How is tax spent – public services


Finance – budgeting and saving


Careers focus – entrepreneurs


Careers focus – teamwork skills


Careers focus – communication skills



Our Health & Personal Safety


Alcohol awareness


Drugs and the law


vaccinations, organ and blood donation, stem cells


What are acid attacks?


Why do people self-harm?

Living Responsibly


Managing Time Effectively


Living sustainably




Hate Crime


Tattoos and piercings


How harmful is binge drinking?

Health & Wellbeing


Perseverance and Procrastination


The importance of sleep


Why do we take risks?


Gambling and Online gaming


Digital Footprints


Personal safety wider world

Half Term 3 Relationships, Identity & Safety


Keeping good friendships


Family relationships


Falling in love


Bullying or banter

Goals & Behaviour


Self-confidence and goals


Personal Development and target setting


Managing my behaviour to achieve


Emotional literacy and self-awareness


What is mindfulness?

Achieving with Good Mental Health


Behaving to achieve – rules


Why can’t some people access education?


Developing interpersonal skills


Discrimination and The Equality Act 2010


Growth Mindset to achieve


How do we cope with stress?


How can we manage anxiety?


Why are people selfie obsessed?


Living in the Wider World


The right career for me?


What are employers looking for in CVs?


Why pursue a STEM career?


Preparing for Work Experience


Rights and responsibilities in the workplace


Why do we need an International Women’s Day?

Relationships & Sex


Bullying & Body Shaming


Types of relationships


Consent rape and sexual abuse


What is Good Sex?


Safe sex and chem sex


Relationship break ups


Happiness and Positivity

Half Term 4 Relationships, Identity & Safety




Keeping safe and positive relationships


Personal Identity – British Values


What are radicalisation and extremism?

Looking after our health


Vaping, nicotine and addiction


Cancer Awareness


Personal safety and first aid


Teen pregnancy and parenting

Preparing for the Wider World Careers & Enterprise


Self-discipline to achieve


Workplace skills


Enterprising qualities and personality – workskills


Workskills – what can we learn from entrepreneurs

Living in the Wider World


How does the criminal justice system work?


Anti-Social Behaviour


Crime, gangs and county lines


Money Laundering


Why do people become extremists?


Overt and Covert Racism


Fake News and Critical Thinking

Living in the Wider World


Animal Rights and Sustainability


Pollution, plastic + our environment








Internet Safety The Dark Web


Cybercrime and online fraud

Half Term 5 Healthy Living & Health Choices


What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle?


How can I keep healthy? – food groups


How can I eat responsibly? – labels and nutrition

Consequences of not eating healthily


What’s the big deal about energy drinks?


Healthy living exercise


The dangers of smoking and second-hand smoking


What are drugs class a b c

Discrimination, Prejudice and Challenges


Prejudice + Stereotypes – disability




Discrimination teens and media


Internet safety – online grooming


How can we care for the environment?


Preparing for the Wider World Finance & Careers


How can I avoid debt?


Navigating financial institutions


Our rights as consumers


Employability – applying and preparing


Relationships Part 1


Conflict Management


Forced and arranged marriages


Harassment and Stalking


Revenge Porn


Relationships with role models

Living in the Wider World


GCSE Revision and study skills


Applying to college and university


Independent Living


How do we prepare for job interviews?


Health and Safety at work


How do trade unions protect us at work?

Half Term 6 Puberty, Emotional Health & Wellbeing


Mental health intro – depression


How can we manage our anger?


Puberty – what happens when and why


Periods – what happens when and why


What is FGM and why is it dangerous?


Domestic conflict – running away from home

Sex, Relationships & Conflict


Safe sex – consent


Safe sex – contraception


Safe sex – dangers of pornography


Safe sex – sexting and image share danger


Safe Sex – STIs


Body image – male focus



Rights & Responsibilities


Human rights – charity focus UNICEF


Human Rights abuses – genocide + trafficking


Is sending aid the answer? – human rights


Sustainability for all


How does the law treat young offenders?


How does knife crime impact on our lives?

Relationships & Diversity


Same-Sex Relationships


Gender and Trans Identity


Community Cohesion


Sexism and gender prejudice





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