Physical Education (PE)

Students receive two hours of high quality PE each week across all Years. Our curriculum enables all students to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity.

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students can opt to follow a GCSE course in PE. Students following the GCSE examination course are issued homework based on the topic / assessment currently being studied. This may be a written task, reading and/or personal research. It may be assessed by the teacher, but could also be peer or self-assessed. These tasks will be graded differently depending on the task. Feedback is given in line with the school’s assessment policy

In core PE at KS4 students have the opportunity to experience and develop leadership skills in a range of activities including the Netball Organiser Award, Rugby Refereeing and Junior Football Organiser Award are also available. Students have the opportunity in KS4 to access local off site facilities in core PE and alternative activities with visiting coaches.

Students experience a range of activities across the National Curriculum that include outwitting opponents, accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences, performing at maximum levels, identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions and exercising safely and effectively. The activities provide students with the opportunity to be creative, competitive and to face up to challenges individually, in groups and in teams. We actively develop the independent learner and thinker in Physical Education.

Students develop skills in physical activity, make and apply decisions, develop physical and mental capacity, evaluate and improve and make informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles. Students have the opportunity to develop competencies; whole body skills and fine manipulation skills, selecting and using tactics and compositional ideas, responding with body and mind to an activity and adapting to a widening range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. There are opportunities in lessons to extend their own learning by adjusting the task to suit their level.

We recognise that all students may not be performers. Within lessons and extra-curricular students experience different roles within PE and sport including those of official, coach and choreographer. We provide opportunities for our students to evaluate their own and others’ performances in order to improve their quality and effectiveness and to be coaches and officials in a variety of activities. We encourage a positive approach towards health and exercise with a view to lifelong participation.

At KS3 students follow a curriculum based around concepts, performance, creativity and healthy active lifestyles. Students learn essential skills and processes, delivered through a wide range of activities. A unit of fitness work is undertaken in Years 10 and 11. At KS4 students follow a curriculum based around Sport Education and Leadership and are given the opportunity to obtain a Sports’ Leadership qualification.

Students have plenty of opportunity to take part in various courses including: Young Ambassadors where students visit other schools; Leadership Academy where students train to be leaders in PE and Young Leaders courses in areas such as Badminton, Athletics, Rugby, Dance, Basketball and Football where students gain accreditation.

Our sports facilities include a multi-use games area, gymnasium, sports hall, and playing fields. We also make use of the local swimming pool, coaches and local gyms. We run regular inter-faculty competitions in various activities during and after school.

We pride ourselves in the range of activities we offer to students outside of the curriculum. The range of activities allows students to participate both competitively and recreationally. Teams are run in football, basketball, netball, hockey, badminton, rounders, cricket, tennis, tag rugby, rugby union, rugby league, table tennis, dodgeball, handball, indoor hockey, softball, cross country, benchball, swimming and athletics. Students enjoy a full fixture list and many students progress to represent Sefton and Merseyside in their chosen sport. Teams have been competitive in Regional events as well as achieving success in National Football competitions. Non-competitive activities include gymnastics, street dance, dance, fitness and circus skills.

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