Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Vision statement

Mission statement
ACHIEVE your full potential by being challenged by inspiring teachers
STRIVE to be the best you can be both, personally and academically
PREPARE you for higher education and employment and give you a passion for life-long learning
INNOVATE and be creative by accessing an engaging and exciting curriculum
RESPECT yourself and others by learning about British values and other cultures
EMPOWER you by ensuring that Student voice at Stanley is vibrant and meaningful

School aims
Our school motto provides us with the ambition that all youngsters in our care are equipped with high-quality learning experiences that prepare them for life in the 21st century, whilst simultaneously providing them with the traditional values of courtesy and self-discipline that have and always will be important for success in life beyond school.

We have high aspirations for all our students. We expect our most academically able students to aim for Oxbridge entry, but we are equally committed to ensuring that all students develop the entrepreneurial and social skills that make them attractive to future employers.

We believe every single child has talent, and as a school we will ensure that significant opportunities exist so that students with ability and enthusiasm in the creative and performing arts, technology and sports can, see their talents flourish.

We believe that the key to becoming a great school is to ensure that all students have access to a happy, challenging and safe learning environment. To achieve this we need to nurture a partnership with parents and students that is based upon openness, mutual respect and the highest expectations of all.
We are a genuinely comprehensive school, with students of all levels of ability, and we expect all students to reach their personal best.

As well as academic achievement we value developing the ‘whole person’ and place great store in Stanley students being mature, well-mannered young people who have the requisite skills to work effectively with others. It is vital that Stanley students also have access to high-quality activities outside the classroom that enrich their education.



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Careers Currently our Y10s are visiting a number of Colleges this week and next week to help inform them of their... https://t.co/uPO1HAVMjl

Stanley High School - AvatarSHS1952Stanley High School

Year 6 Transition Day On Wednesday 28th June, we are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students who... https://t.co/MlGMxipnpG

Stanley High School - AvatarSHS1952Stanley High School

Red carpet glamour comes to Stanley High as Year 11 enjoy their prom! It was a wonderful celebration of their 5 years at the school.

Stanley High School - AvatarSHS1952Stanley High School

Year 11 prom in full swing....fantastic evening and an amazing year group.

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