Merseyside Police Assemblies


Year 7 to 11 students have had an assembly with Kate Gore from Merseyside Police.  The focus was about ‘Hate crime’ and how we can be influenced by such topics on social media.

During the talk students learnt that hate crime is any behaviour that someone thinks was caused by hostility, prejudice or hatred of the following things:

  • Disability (including physical impairments, mental health problems, learning disabilities, hearing and visual impairments)
  • Gender identity (people who are transgender, transsexual or transvestite)
  • Race, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or heritage
  • Religion, faith or belief (including people without a religious belief)
  • Sexual orientation (people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual etc.)

It can include:

  • name calling or verbal abuse
  • graffiti or abusive writing
  • damage to property
  • damage to property
  • threats or intimidation
  • bullying or harassment
  • physical attacks or violence, including sexual violence, arson and murder

Anyone can be a victim of hate crime if they are targeted because of who they are, their friends or family or even who the perpetrator thinks they are.

Since the assembly Kate has kindly been back into Stanley High, to give advice to Year 7 students.  She has been on hand to answer any questions, that they have had.  The students responded well with some commenting that they ‘have a better understanding on how people could be affected by negative behaviours, towards others and what to do if they see a hate crime taking place’. Students were also able to ask for support and guidance when using social media and what to do if they need to report an incident.  If you would like to discuss anything that was discussed during this assembly, please contact your child’s Year Leader.