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All students entering Stanley High School in Year 7 have the opportunity to study French, German and Spanish. At the end of Year 7, they choose which of the three languages they wish to continue studying.
Currently at Key Stage 4, 90% of students are expected to study a language to GCSE level.

In the Languages department we aim to offer insights into the culture of other countries around the world. We hope that students will grow to have a better understanding of themselves and their own culture, a more sympathetic approach to other cultures and through this develop a tolerant attitude in the global community in which we live.
We also aim to promote skills that can be used through lifelong learning, eg: communication and memorisation skills.
Lessons are structured to include active learning, regular use of ICT and to take account of different learning styles. Students are required to work independently, as well as in pairs and groups. This means that all students fully develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Alongside our course books, we make use of a wide range of authentic materials in order to bring the target language to life.

Key Stage 3

We ensure that students who have previously learned French, German or Spanish are able to build on the foundations of their primary studies whilst supporting students who have no previous knowledge of the languages. Students cover a variety of topics and grammar through the skills of listening, reading speaking and writing. They are regularly assessed by class teachers in all four skills. Students will receive regular written and verbal feedback and staff will expect them to respond to this.

Modules covered in KS3

Year 7 French

  1. Let’s go!
  2. All about me
  3. School

Year 7 German

  1. Welcome!
  2. School
  3. Family and friends

Year 7 Spanish

  1. Let’s go!
  2. School
  3. Family and friends

Year 8 French

  1. House and home town
  2. Food and drink
  3. Holidays

Year 8 Spanish

  1. House and home town
  2. Holidays
  3. Food and fashion

Key Stage 4

The ability to speak and understand a foreign language is a highly desirable skill, and sought after by future employers in today’s international work market. Furthermore, it develops your study, communication and problem solving skills. We follow the AQA GCSE courses in French, German and Spanish.

The courses enable learners to:

  • develop an understanding of their chosen language in a variety of contexts.
  • develop their language learning skills.
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in their chosen language.
  • develop an awareness and understanding of countries & communities where the language is spoken.

Students develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing by covering the following three themes during five lessons a fortnight:

  • Identity and Culture (Me, my family and friends, Free-time activities, Technology in everyday life, Customs and festivals)
  • Local, national, international and global areas of interests (Home, town, neighbourhood and region, Travel and tourism, Global issues, Social issues)
  • Current and Future Study and Employment (Life at school and college,
    My studies, Education post-16, Jobs, career choices and ambitions)

Assessment for GCSE French / German / Spanish is tiered. Students may be entered for either Higher Tier (Grades 9-4) or Foundation Tier (Grades 5-1) in all skills.


Homework is set almost every lesson and is based on the topic currently being studied. This may be a reading or writing task, reading, vocabulary to learn, grammar exercises or assessment preparation. Homework is mainly assessed by the class teacher, but may also be peer or self- assessed. Written feedback is likely to be given for written tasks, whereas vocabulary tests, reading and grammar tasks are normally given a numerical score.



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