To celebrate National Poetry Day, Mrs Abram’s Year 9 English group have created their own class poem. Every child has contributed a sentence to explore this year’s theme of ‘freedom.’ Students explored the meaning of the word ‘Freedom’ by creating their own metaphors.

Freedom is

Freedom is a desperate escape route from reality,
Freedom is all citizens being treated with equality,
Freedom is the blissful sound of the school bell at three o’clock,
Freedom is the act of being alone in the world,
Freedom is when your brain is at peace and you’re content
Freedom is an open gate to life that we can only imagine,
Freedom is an open door to the future,
Freedom is the way to live life to the maximum,
Freedom is running with a ball at your feet, with no obstacles in your way,

Freedom is taking a breath of fresh air,
Freedom is hearing the words “clear from cancer,”
Freedom is a fresh start or a clear slate,
Freedom is a secret path to somewhere special,
Freedom is the inner happiness within your soul,
Freedom is the weekend’s gift of relaxing,
Freedom is realising your potential to succeed in life,
Freedom is breaking an addiction,
Freedom is the way of letting go of the past,
Freedom is happiness.

Class – 9Y2

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