Summer 2022 Exam Information for Parents and Carers

On 30th September 2021, the Government’s Department for Education made a number of announcements regarding the 2022 GCSE exams.

Key parts include:

  • It is the government’s policy that exams and assessments for GCSEs should go ahead in summer 2022 but with adjustments to the assessments themselves in some subjects and additional support. These measures are designed to mitigate some of the pressure on teaching time and the pressure that students experience when revising for and sitting exams.
  • There will be optional topics and content in GCSE English Literature, History and Geography. Students taking GCSE Art and Design will be assessed on their portfolio only. In all other subjects, exam boards will provide advance information about the focus of the content of the exams. This information is to support students’ revision and will be provided by 7 February 2022 at the latest. This will enable teachers to plan to adapt their teaching in the second half of the spring term if necessary.
  • Students will be given a formulae sheet for GCSE mathematics and a revised equation sheet (covering all the equations required) for GCSE physics and combined science. Exam boards will provide copies for use in teaching and to ensure that students are familiar with it prior to the exams. Clean copies of the equation sheet will be provided in the exams.
  • GCSE results day will take place on 25th August 2022. The full information is available on:

The information provided so far is somewhat generic, however, as soon as more details are available these will be provided to Stanley parents and carers and this will include an opportunity to ask questions.

Whilst the expectation is that GCSE exams will take place as planned in May and June 2022, schools have been made aware that in the event of Covid-19 related disruption, the backup plan would be that a “teacher assessed grades” system would be put in place.

On the reasonable assumption that the 2022 system would be similar to the 2021 teacher assessed grades system, this would see designated assessments contribute to a “portfolio of evidence” for each student in each subject.

Such assessments would always test content that has been taught in advance and for which the students had been well prepared to tackle using provided revision lists and resources. 2021 rules meant that there was some flexibility for schools to choose which assessments weighed most towards the final grade, thus reducing the pressure on students to perform well on every assessment.

Please remember that despite the potential need for a “teacher assessed grade” system, the main purpose of school assessment continues to be to provide students with the feedback they need to improve in that subject, irrespective of the final methods of assessment.

Students have made an excellent return to studies in Year 11. This was evident in how they organised themselves for their recent Maths mock exam. They need to work steadily on all their classwork making sure they ask for help when they need it.

Parents and carers – Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting learning. The engagement of Year 11 students continues to be positive. This is in no small part to the role played by parents and carers in setting up a suitable working environment at home and encouraging good learning habits. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further exam related queries or require support.

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