Options Information

Options Information

What we believe in

We are committed to the principle of providing a broad and balanced curriculum that provides students with the maximum opportunity to study subjects they enjoy whilst at the same time ensuring their curriculum is academically demanding. Our desire is to ensure that every student at Stanley makes at least, their expected progress. This means that we also provide students with unique vocational courses that will provide good progression routes when they leave Stanley.

The core curriculum will include:

Option Pathways

The majority of students will follow Pathway 1 and will continue with their Modern Foreign Language option in Year 8 and select at least one Humanities option and two further examination courses.

Pathway 1


Where students may require additional support or have extended periods of absence, they will be offered one of the additional pathways. These pathways would only be available following discussions with Mrs Lee, Mrs Fraser-Orr and /or Mr Wright.

Personalised Pathways

Pathway 2


Pathway 3


Pathway 4


Year 8 Options Information and Guidance Evening
8th February, 6pm to 8pm

Come and speak to the subject teachers and find out more about the subjects you may want to opt for. Listen to the Headteacher’s outline of the options at 6pm in the main hall.

Year 8 Options Form deadline 27th February

Completed forms to be handed into the school office.

Late option preferences will be considered after option preferences that were handed in on time.

Complete all sections and return by Monday 27th February 2017.


Download the Year 8 Options Booklet (PDF)



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