At Stanley High School Year 10 and 11 students are able to opt for Law as a GCSE subject. We currently teach the AQA course, which gives students an understanding of the role of law in today’s society. In addition to helping students to acquire subject knowledge, studying law helps to develop skills of selection, analysis, critical thinking and decision making, and an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

The course equips students with the knowledge and understanding of the English Legal system. It provides a broad foundation of both knowledge and skills for the continuing study of law where certain areas can be studied in greater depth. All students they will gain skills and knowledge which can usefully be carried forward into other fields of study and the world of work.

The course comprises of 2 Units of work which will be assessed via written examinations at the end of the course. Both are equally weighted – 90 marks – 50%.

Brief description of course content

The subject content is divided into 2 different Units

  • Unit 1: The English Legal System
  • Unit 2: Law in Action

The English Legal System

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Courts and Processes
  • People in the Law
  • Sources of English Law

Law in Action – study at least 2 of the following

Topics covered:

  • The Law of Tort
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Rights and Responsibilities
Exam Details

This specification is 100% externally assessed by two compulsory, equally-weighted written exams. Each paper is 1 hour 30 min and carries a maximum of 90 marks.

Paper 1

  • Section A: compulsory short-answer questions
  • Section B: one multi-part question from a choice of two, based on a scenario, including short-answer questions and some extended writing

Paper 2

Two multi-part questions from a choice of four, covering the different areas of substantive law, each based on a scenario, including short-answer questions and some extended writing.


Homework is given twice a week and involves answering exam questions and assessing student depth of understanding of topics learnt in lessons.



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