Dance is a recent addition to the curriculum at Stanley High School, and will offer all students various activities to participate in. Dance is included within the Physical Education Curriculum within KS3, as well as KS4 core PE lessons, and as a unit within GCSE PE. There are also 2 GCSE Dance course running in years 9 and 11.

We aim to improve students’ physical fitness levels and educate them in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In dance classes at Stanley High School, students will work on their co-ordination, posture, flexibility, strength and their ability to perform in a variety of styles. Students will also participate in creative activities to explore different genres and topics in dance.

Students will also have the opportunity to perform as individuals, pairs and in groups, therefore working on their ability to work independently and as part of a team. Through dance, we aim to increase the students’ confidence, technique levels and performance ability. Students also have the opportunity to become Dance Leaders – assisting in the delivery to various primary schools.

Within the dance curriculum, lessons will be planned to incorporate the 5 Key Processes used within Physical Education:

  • Developing Skills
  • Making and Applying Decisions
  • Developing Physical and Mental Capacity
  • Evaluating and Improving
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyles

Students will also be taught and expected to use within their lessons, the Performance Skills in Dance: Accuracy, Confidence, Projection, Flexibility, Focus, Timing, Dynamics and Strength.

Students have the opportunity to attend dance clubs at lunchtime and afterschool. Students recently performed in the Wally Cain Contemporary Dance Festival, all 28 members of this dance squad where hardworking and a credit to the school.


Students in years 9 and 11 have the option to choose GCSE Dance. The course is taught over a one year period, 5 hours a week. Drop in sessions are also available to GCSE students twice a week, for help with choreography, general practice etc.

Dance Kit

Core Dance Classes

  • White PE Top
  • Black Leggings
  • Dance Shoes or Bare feet

GCSE Dance

  • Plain Black Leotard (order from school)
  • Black leggings/tights
  • Bare feet

Additional Information

Dance lessons currently take place in the gymnasium. We have a sprung wooden floor to accommodate various dance classes. We also have an excellent sound system and interactive television for both theory and practical lessons.

Extra-Curricular clubs are available for every year group, and take place at lunchtime and afterschool. Please see the PE Extra-Curricular timetable for days and times.



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