The Curriculum at Stanley High School will strive to promote the intellectual, moral, spiritual aesthetic, creative emotional and physical development of the young person. The disciplines of language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography and technology figure strongly alongside the creative arts.  It is designed inspire all groups of pupils to achieve their full potential.

To provide the depth and breadth of the national curriculum and valuable extra curricular experiences. To respect all individuals right to explore a love or talent for art, music, dance and drama. To allow all pupils to gain a thirst for lifelong learning and prepare for a life beyond high school. Sometimes we may feel limited by the national curriculum and attainment measures but we are not restricted in our ability to deliver its content in an imaginative an innovative way.

Extra curricula opportunities are essential to enrich a pupil’s school life and develop skills and talents beyond the classroom. At Stanley High School we are excited about the opportunity to empower each and every individual with a wide variety of teaching styles and activities designed to challenge thoughts and stretch the capacity for knowledge and skill.

Options Information

The purpose of the option choices is to allow students to study those subjects that will help them fulfil their potential and achieve their personal goals. All students in all years follow the national curriculum and by definition this restricts the choices they can make due to the compulsory subjects that students must study.

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Weekly Bulletin 19th May 2017 - Stanley High

Stanley High School - AvatarSHS1952Stanley High School

Sixty Year 7 and 8 students took part in the UK Maths Challenge organised by Leeds University. Overall 23...

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