I am delighted that 80 students in Year 8 have already achieved 100 merits and therefore been awarded their bronze badges! This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the hard work and effort put into lessons by these students. There are many others who are very close and some who are well on their way to achieving their silver award. Congratulations Year 8!

Winners of bronze badge are:

Abby Perry
Abigail Bond
Aidan Christian
Aiden Barton Constable
Amber Foreman
Amelia Woodward
Amy French
Anna Williams
Annie Longdon
Avyn Johnson
Ben Coates
Cole Moore
Ellen Sucksmith
Ellie Parr
Emily Baker
Erin Barton Constable
Ethan Lovett
Freya Schober
Georgia Bancroft
Georgia Doherty
Grace Sumner
Harriet Evans
Harrison Black
Harry Hipwell
Holly Kellaway
Izabela Grelecka
Jack Roberts
Jamie Ogden
Jess Moss
Jess Wall
Joe Cumiskey
Joe Hazrati
Katie McGrath
Kayleigh Harrison
Keaton Bowers
Kieran Arthington
Kieran Caul
Kyle Hulm
Lauren Bond
Lauren Taberner
Liam Sephton
Lilibeth Russell
Lily Mayor
Lizzie Barton
Lois Johnson
Luke Knowles
Max Wallworth
Molly Ball
Natasha Preston
Nathan Green
Olivia Armstrong
Olivia Bailey
Oliwia Rutkovska
Paige Ruscoe
Rachel Beck
Rebecca Timperley
Reece Kidd
Robert Jackson
Ross Jaffrey
Ryan Sykes
Sam Murray
Scott Ogden
Sean Cairns
Shannon Brown
Sophie Mee
Taylor Tobin-Jones
Tom Caunce
Tom Morgan
Xander Watson
Yasmin Leigh-Williams
Ygor Zwolinski
Zack Tomlinson
Zara Newton

Mrs F Lee
Head of Year 8

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