I am delighted that 34 students in Year 10 have achieved 100 merits and therefore been awarded their bronze badges! This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the hard work and effort put into lessons by these students. Congratulations Year 10!

Winners of bronze badge are:

A Bennett
A Dring
A Fitzsimons
A Whitehead
B Williams
C Kitchen
D Wyke
E Halton
E May
E Rogers
G Butterworth
H Luk
H Wagstaff
J Foy
J Greenwood
J Kenningley
J Littler
J Williams
K Barton Constable
K Flinn
K Higham
L Brown
L Merrills
L Morgan
L Oates
M Riding
M Servute Santa
N Da Silveira
N Naylor
S Marston
S McCowen
T Johnston
T Kelty
T Meehan

Mr J Lock
Head of Year 10

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