On Friday 3rd February all our year 8 students were introduced the careers guidance software Kudos, as part of their preparation for GCSE Options.

Kudos is a career planning computer program designed to help young people explore their career ideas and what qualifications they may need for particular career paths. They answer a set questions and the responses are used to give them a personalised list of careers that match their preferences. They can then click on these careers and it will enable them to look at the aspects of the job and the qualifications needed for it.

The sessions were delivered by our Careers Advisor Elaine Meredith was on hand to answer questions and offer up-to-date information and advice.

The aims of the session were:

  • To develop and expand the students’ knowledge of careers and to encourage them to start thinking about career planning.
  • To explore a range of careers, widen career knowledge and raise their aspirations to a wider variety of careers available.  Also to direct the students where to look and who to ask for career information, advice and guidance.
  • To help improve the students confidence and motivation to take the next steps on your career path.

The students engaged fully with the lesson and seemed to enjoy the KUDOS program. The feedback was very positive; most students said the session had made a difference to them. A few of the student’s comments on what they had learned are below;

“That I can be anything I want”

“A variety of jobs that are expected to grow”

“Ideas of careers I hadn’t considered”

“About what I need to do, what subjects to take to try to get a career I want to do”

The ever popular response:  “The pay of the jobs I like”!

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