Car Boot Sales

Following Government Guidance for Schools, Stanley High School Car Boot Sales will not be running until 2021 at the earliest.

We will continue to update when guidance changes.

Thank you

Stall Holders arrive from 7.30am.
Trading 8.30am – 1.00 pm.
No Traders or Vans.

Refreshments are available on site from 8am to 1.00 pm.
Car parking, toilets and disabled parking are also available on site.

Indoor Stalls in Hall (table provided) £10.00
Indoor Stalls in Corridor (BYO table) £ 8.00
Outdoor Stalls (BYO table) £ 8.00

All proceeds from the Stall Hire and refreshments go directly to supporting the students at Stanley High School. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Buyers are not charged an admission fee.

Indoor Stalls in the Hall and Corridor may be booked in advance by telephoning the School Office 01704 228940. Bookings for the following car boot sale can also be made on the day of the previous car boot sale, with payment made in full. No refunds will be given for cancellations.


Pets are welcome, however owners are advised that they are legally responsible for their animals.

No Littering
Bins are conveniently located around the site. Please use them.

Disabled Parking
Please display your blue badge in order to use the disabled parking.

Safe Parking
Please park your car as advised by the Site Team.

Strictly No Counterfeit Goods
It is illegal to sell counterfeit goods anywhere in the UK and the Stanley High School Car Boot Sale is no exception.

Fire Arms, Knives, Tobacco, Alcohol and Controlled Substances
Unless fully licensed to do so, with permission from Stanley High School, it is strictly forbidden to sell any of the above items and any items that may fall into the above categories.

No access to site before 7.30am.

Guide to selling

Selling at a car boot sale is really easy if you stick to a few golden rules:

  1. Always arrive with plenty of time to set up your stall at the car boot sale.
  2. Plan the way you load your car ready for the car boot sale, so when you unload your car for the boot sale, everything comes out in the right order to be placed on your car boot stall.
  3. Always pack your selling table last. That way it’s the first thing you take out when you get to the car boot sale. You don’t want to have to unpack everything and then load them up to the table last.
  4. Try to bring a friend. Having someone there to take over your stand in the car boot sale if you need to do something is a great tool.
  5. Make sure you have change. You don’t want to be turning away sales because you can’t give the correct change.
  6. Keep your money with you at all times in a money belt, so you’re always ready to make a sale.
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