Cambridge University Visit 2016

Our top ten able and talented students in Science had the opportunity to visit Cambridge University last week.

On arrival the students had a tour of this top institution and the surrounding area escorted by a 2nd year student at the University currently studying Physics.

A lecture involving the application process for admission to Cambridge University was followed by a lesson on the history of Physics. Students engaged in a practical element during the afternoon session when they were required to build a wooden bridge hanging from a table which related to the laws of balance. They also had to measure the buoyancy of different materials with a Newton reader and constructed their own paper structure which eventually they had to suspend a weight from.

Stanley students secured first and second places in an afternoon competition against another local Southport school.

After a successful day, students spoke very highly of the staff who gave them advice and information and the aspiration and confidence to apply to this and other top universities.

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