Back to the future
Students found the Back to the Future day incredibly engaging.

Back to the Future Day, 21st October 2015, was the date that MartyMcFly and Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown chose to travel forward in time from 1985 in the hit sequel Back to the Future II.

Today students at Stanley became involved in a number cross-curricular activities linked to the event. According to the time-bending 1980s sci-fi film, by October 21 2015, we would be living in a world of hoverboards, flying cars and self-tying shoelaces. These ideas and others where explored in English as students were asked what the future would look like in 2050.

In Music students analysed the musical score for the film and the changes in music over the decades since the film was made.

In the Science Lecture Theatre students took part in a time travelling show complete with explosive special effects demonstrating fusion reactors, wormholes and the difficulties of travelling at the speed of light.

Technology students examined what design ideas actually came true from the film such as electronic tablets, video conferencing and 3D imaging.

Maths students became involved in Maths problems, providing solutions to questions on travelling at light speed whilst Languages provided opportunities for students to speak in future tense with a lessons linked to the film. These concepts, skills and ideas from various subject areas allowed our students to find different learning pathways and relate theory to real-world discoveries.

Back to the Future Day fully engaged and absorbed our students and taught them about links across the world of S.T.E.M. and used and enhanced their Literacy, Numeracy and thinking skills.

Back to the Future – “When can we go back to the Lecture Theatre sir!?”

Other comments from our students

  • “I think by 2050 lots of diseases will be cured like cancer”
  • “I think we will be able to use brainwaves to control cars and aeroplanes”
  • “Mr Wright, dressed up as Doc Brown was like a mad scientist!”
  • “I imagine there will be a language translator that will be able to interpret different languages”
  • “We will have 3D printers to make body parts”
  • “There will be bionic eyes to cure blindness”

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