This week Mrs Ward’s creative work of the week has been awarded to Amber Evans for her 3D insect homework.

It was inspired by the work of Michelle Stilzlein who is an artist who uses old car parts to create beautiful butterflies. The size and design was dictated by the materials Amber had to work with. To create the sculpture Amber describes that she took an old zip and inserted one end into a drinking straw, and then threaded some wooden beads onto the straw. The wings are made of cardboard and covered in tissue paper. The wings were then attached to the body and legs were added using old wire and some pipe cleaners to add some realism. The wings are decorated with buttons using a hot glue gun to secure the pattern.

The piece is called ‘Rainbow Buttonfly’ based on the Lepidoptera Arcus butterfly which was discovered in 2016 in the United Kingdom. It is commonly found in haberdasheries and occasionally in sewing baskets!

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