Happiest of Fridays Stanley FamiliesMrs Shawe

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in school.  I hope you take time to read about all the events and activities that have taken place in our newsletter.  Yet again your children have gone above and beyond when representing the school and taking leadership opportunities.  Our extra-curricular clubs are in full swing, and students can check daily on the notice screens in the foyer for any additional clubs that pop up.  It is lovely to see these full clubs at lunch times and after school.

It was a pleasure to invite Year 11 families into school last night for them to hear about their children’s progress.  Consultation evenings are an excellent way to support your child with their learning, and understanding where and how gaps in their knowledge and skill can be supported.  Luckily for Year 11 it is not quite the last consultation evening as we get to see them twice in this very important final year of school. Please ensure you have consultation evenings in your diaries as we do close the school one hour early on these dates.

I have a few important reminders this week.

Firstly, as the nights get darker, please support your child with the understanding of road safety and being out in the dark, especially if they do not have bright or reflective elements to their clothing.  It is very important to ensure you know the whereabouts of your children when they are not in your care.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of time in school spent unpicking the fall outs that have taken place in out of school hours, where children are together and unsupervised.  These fall outs then spill into school and detract from learning time.

Can I please remind you to ensure you are checking your children’s social media usage and ensure that children under 13 are not ever left to their own devices or be present in group chats that you have not overseen the participants of.  Unfortunately, we are seeing again and again that students are not emotionally mature enough to get this right and ask that you are vigilant.  Beyond this, please remove their devices and remove them from platforms where and when they are accessing communication or content that is harmful to their well-being.  Ensure that you report any inappropriate content and then block it.  Contact school if you need support with this.

Finally, I want to thank you for continued support of the school and the staff who work tirelessly to deliver our curriculum to your children.  Beyond this we have experienced and skilled teams working to support all learners to access education.

On a personal note, I am incredibly excited for my daughter who gets to go to brownie camp all weekend leaving me with just one child to feed, entertain and nag (in that order).

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

 Mrs J Shawe