Headteacher’s update

Good afternoon Stanley Families

Happy May! I keep hoping for a run of pleasant weather and will continue to hope. What an unexpected short week we have had in school.  For school this means we work extra hard to squeeze a week into three days.

Year 11 have continued with their amazing focus and great school attendance as we lead in to the final stretch.  I have heard that many prom plans are afoot alongside some excellent revision. Part of our Year 11 Junior Leadership Team attended their last ever Parent/Carer Consultation Evening, in a support role, last night.  Adamant to be there, I admire the multi-tasking that took place as they revised Mathematics whilst keeping Teachers supplied with refreshments.

This week we have welcomed Year 11 families to our mental well-being session delivered by Kooth and Year 10 families for Parent/Carer consultation. Our SEND team have also had a number of families in to complete SEND review updates.  A group of Year 7s have completed their Bikeability level 3 this week, where they have been learning how to:

  • Use the best riding position for any situation.
  • Ride alongside other cyclists.
  • Ride on more complex roads. This might include busier roads, more complicated junctions or faster roads with speed limits above 30mph.
  • Negotiate more complex roads. For example, junctions controlled by traffic lights, multi-lane roads or cycle lanes.
  • Respond confidently when a situation changes.  For example, when a vehicle pulls out in front of you.

I am sure you will agree that these skills are absolutely vital for all of our children using bikes for travel to and from school or out in the community.  We love that a number of our students ride to school and want to encourage them and teach them how to do this safely and respectfully.  We have also recently noticed a decline in the number of student wearing helmets; please encourage your child to wear their helmets when cycling to and from school.

Next week we are looking forward to hosting our SEND Coffee Morning with the focus on Sensory Processing and Overload.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and have the opportunity to enjoy the additional Bank Holiday for the Kings Coronation.

Mrs J Shawe