Headteacher’s update

Happy half term, we made it!  There have been lots of tired children and adults in the building this week, so I hope that everyone gets a good break from the daily get up routine and we get some lovely weather, which hopefully means some fresh air and outdoor time is on the cards.

As we move into our last half term, it is important that our standards and expectations do not drop. Maintaining expectations helps students feel safe, as they know what is expected of them when they are in our building.
Please ensure that we are getting students to school in full uniform; this includes students wearing shoes and not trainers.  When students are not in correct uniform their day begins with conflict.  I am aware that so many of your children leave your houses dressed perfectly and then magically transform on the way to school, they sometimes do this in-between lessons and once they have left our building.  I believe that uniform is important to ensure all student have a feeling of belonging and it gives them the opportunity to represent our Stanley Family.  I also believe that it is important to create great habits from a young age.  Lack of uniform in the workplace could be detrimental to someone’s employment, safety or ability to earn money.  It is so incredibly exciting to imagine all the amazing opportunities your children will have access to in their lives.

It was lovely to welcome families from far and wide for the cross-country event on the field yesterday. We enjoy holding this event each year and love to see how dedicated the students are.  Thank you to the staff for organising, student helpers and students taking part.

Year 11 families please refer to communications regarding school half-term revision times and study space opportunities – we are already halfway through the GCSE examination period and every moment counts.  The summer will be long for Year 11, so please support their full attendance right to the final exam.

I am already looking forward to the final summer term of this academic year and all it has to offer our young learners, it is hard to believe that we will be welcoming a whole new year group for their transition day during this half term.  We are well underway with planning for the next academic year and will be sending out a family survey at the beginning of term.  Your feedback and input here is invaluable.  The more we understand the family experience, the more we can move in the right direction for as many as possible.  I really do value family, student and staff feedback.

Finally and very importantly, if you have any worries or concerns regarding a child while school is closed please take a look at how you can report something that doesn’t fit right with you Worried about a child (sefton.gov.uk).  It really does take a community to raise children in the right way, ensuring their success and happiness is key, but this starts with us all looking out for their safety.

Here comes the sun… Have a lovely and safe half term.

Mrs J Shawe