Good afternoon Stanley Families  Mrs Shawe

Firstly, I would love to recognise the students who have represented our school over the past 3 weeks, this has been done in so many ways. Children have shown visitors around our building on open evening, visited primary schools and represented subject areas. I also want to include all the children who have been present, hardworking and courteous as we have had guests in the building. Our children have done this alongside attending their learning experiences and for some while preparing for and starting mock examinations. Thank you to all. The way the children speak openly and honestly about the school really does help families make an informed decision on a secondary school; the bravery, confidence and communication skills these children have practiced and demonstrated do not go unmissed.

Our Year 7 students are fitting in really well and nearly getting to grips with the vibrant fast paced learning days. It was great to have so many families at our meet the tutor evening last night. Families of your youngest, please do not underestimate how big the transition step really is. Your children will be tired, they may well still feel very unsure about many things and for some it is still the first three weeks that they have used a pen, never mind all the additional things starting secondary school brings. Please be patient with them as they settle in and if you have any concerns, please contact their form tutor in the first instance.

This week we learnt and practiced a lockdown in school. I am very pleased to hear how sensible students were. Practicing a lockdown can worry students sometimes. We choose appropriate examples of the way we may use a lockdown to minimise the worry a child may have. All children were played the same presentation, for consistency and got to hear the alarm prior to a practice taking place. Students and staff now have the opportunity to ask any further questions having had a run through.

Mock examinations have begun, Year 11 have well and truly hit the ground running. Their summer revision and evenings of revision is being put into action as they practice what their examinations will be like. For mock examinations we use the same invigilators and have the exact same expectations of students as we would in the final examinations. This helps students grow to understand what the series feels like and how we can support them through it. I wish them good luck as they continue the examinations next week.

On Friday 29th September 2023 we will be hosting our annul Macmillan coffee morning to raise money for a charity close to so many of us. We look forward to seeing members of the community and families coming to support the event.

This year we have relaunched our behaviour for learning drive to ensure we are consistent across school and students have increased opportunities for praise and recognition. One very popular addition is recognition Friday where nearly 80 students who have been recognised across their subjects get a postcard home and get a donut at break time. When it does not go quite right, we do expect families to support the sanctions given. We run a building with nearly 900 children in it; we need to have expectations and rules to ensure students are happy, safe and can learn. Please discuss any concerns with teachers, but ultimately support the professionals delivering education to up to 150 students a day, they want the best for your children.

Finally I would like to mention attendance, please do not let a rainy day take your child’s education away. On a rainy day our whole school attendance drops by about 3% this is about 25 extra students at home not seeing their school friends and missing out on 5 hours of curriculum time and 20 minutes of personal development through morning form time. It is rainy days where many of us have to dig deep. Please do not let the weather impact your child’s access to learning that will support their futures.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


 Mrs J Shawe