Headteacher’s update

Good afternoon Stanley Families

What a great week we have had in school!  Year 11 have been outstanding and Year 7 attendance has been through the roof.

What a week for our eldest students, some of which have sat 9 examinations this week; that is a tough ask. GCSE examinations are very much an endurance activity where students sit up to 25 examinations over a 4 week period. Just the writing stamina and resilience for this takes years to build up.
Alongside the skills required, the confidence to walk into an examination room with your head held high and give it your best shot and having the ability to move on from any hurdles comes from the amazing personal development journey they are on.

I am having an influx of holiday and leave of absence requests from families.  I receive have at least 5 requests a week through the year and each one comes to myself via [email protected].

Please understand that I am unable to authorise absences from school unless it is exceptional circumstances.  I consider each request individually and often understand fully the genuine reasons and appreciate that you are taking the time to explain absences, even if I am unable to authorise them. There are times where I can authorise partial requests, again in exceptional circumstances only.  As we move towards times where families traditionally take holidays, these absences cannot be authorised. On the flipside, I do recognise the importance of a family holiday and the benefits it has on family well-being.

This week we are encouraging our Year 10 students to apply for Student Leadership roles in school. This process is so valuable for all students to be brave and have a go.  Even applying for a post, by constructing a letter, submitting it through the office to myself and then being interviewed is an incredible opportunity and experience.  I also enjoy this, as I get to see and hear the fantastic ideas that our children have for the improvement of our school.  Please encourage your child to apply, especially if they think it is not for them.  Students who live in their comfort zones do not grow.  Staff are available to help with the process.

Finally this week, I want to commend the students who get it correct all day, every day – uniform, punctuality, always trying their best to improve academically and personally and great community role models.  These students do not always get the credit that they are due, and we can often take them for granted because they just do it.  So, to you all Thank you, we do know how hard you work, we see you and we appreciate your commitment.

Have a fantastic weekend, hopefully it’s a sunny one for us all.

Mrs J Shawe