Headteacher’s update
Good afternoon Stanley FamiliesMrs Shawe

I wanted to start this penultimate communication with a couple of statistics that will be used in my final assembly before the summer. Some are quite astonishing!

Over this academic year:

• Approximately 33,250 lessons have been planned and taught
• 285,404 register marks taken (am/pm)
• 39 trips and visits (not including sports fixtures off site)
• 105,289 praise points have been issued (836 students)
• 13,300 slices of toast
• Over 2000 toilet rolls (the big ones)

When you take the learning hours alone this would be over 1000 days of back-to-back learning.

I think everyone will be pleased to hear that teachers have accepted a pay deal and will not be taking further strike action in the new academic year. I’m ecstatic to not have to close a school as I know the huge disruption this causes in homes, but also how unsettled this makes our students when we break the continuity of the routine.

This week has been a week of celebration. Each year group held a special assembly to celebrate and applaud the wonderful students we have. There have been 142 students recognised throughout Year 7 to 10 for their achievements and effort during the summer term and 24 form tutor awards, these assemblies take place termly and it is always a joy to gather the students to celebrate them at end of the term. We have also given out 24 special awards to recognise the values of fulfilment and challenge, inclusion and diversity, equality, ambition and opportunity and a special Headteacher award. These awards are given at the end of each academic year and students take home a replica trophy to keep. Congratulations to all the students who have been recognised.

We also held our annual sports day events this week, which resulted in a lot of medals being proudly displayed around school. For a few days there was deep consternation regarding the weather predictions, but thankfully it remained dry throughout and the week culminated in a tug of war battle between the years. Thank you to everyone who participated, organised and cheered each other on.

Today all students have had an assembly regarding some changes to our behaviour system for next year. Some students may have some questions about this next week and staff will talk through the changes further and we will reiterate them to students regularly. You will receive further details as families. We have had a huge revamp on our opportunities for praise and celebration and a tighten up on consistency with any behaviours which detract from learning or the safety of others. We have been working on this with teams of staff, students and wider members of the school community for a while now, in order to get this right for all.

Over the next week you will be sent details for the start times for students in September – we will also send reminders and post information on the school Facebook page.

We break up at 12pm on Wednesday 19th July.

Have a lovely weekend, I am sure like me you will be thankful that this is the last weekend, for a short while, where school uniform fills the washing pile!

Mrs J Shawe