Headteacher’s update

Good afternoon Stanley Families

As we reach half term, I firstly want to wish your children a lovely and safe break. This week alone we have waved off our first international visit since COVID, recognised Children’s Mental Health week across school through activities and assemblies, raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness and given students and families in Year 9 lots of access to options information to support KS4 choices. Whilst all this has happened, staff have been busy with Year 7 progress tracking and the start of our second Year 11 Mock examination window. I will have missed many events off this list so I better send a huge thank you to the staff that make this, and more, happen, the students that make us proud every day and the support from you all at home.

I am hoping for lovely sunny and warmer weather following half term. As of Tuesday 21st February 2023, we will be asking students to remove coats in the school building. Please ensure your children take the time to check over their uniform and be ready to return dressed correctly after half term. If you are struggling at all with aspects of uniform please get in touch with us and we will look together at avenues of support to ensure you have access to all the items your child requires, I understand the cost of purchasing and maintaining uniform with growing children can be a significant burden to any household. I want our students to be proud of the time and efforts you make to ensure they are dressed correctly.

And finally, this year 65,159 praise points have been issued to your children by our staff for their amazing efforts and outstanding commitment to work. I am looking forward to the rest of this term where we can continue to add to that total.

I hope you have a lovely break, even if it is only from the daily juggling that is ensuring children have the ability to get to school each day and on time.

Stay safe, happy Friday.

Mrs J Shawe